5 Best Electric Shavers of 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

An electric shaver is a must-have as it offers convenience as well as ease of use when you need to shave hairs off your body. You will find it especially useful when you want to remove the tough and coarse hair on your face. Other areas of your body that you can use to shave with an electric shaver include the underarms, legs, and bikini area. On the market, there are different types of electric shavers to choose from. They feature powerful systems and most of them are cordless ones that allow pre-charging before using them. There are also corded ones that provide continuous power while shaving and cannot be used without being connected to a power outlet. It will be up to you to choose the right one according to your needs. To make things easier for you when shopping for an electric shaver, here are 5 best electric shavers 2017 reviews.

1. Braun Series 7 790cc – Best Electric Shavers of 2017

braun-series-7-790cc-best-electric-shavers-of-2017With this shaver, you will be able to get a highly efficient and superior shave every time you want to remove hairs from your body. It is made using a unique combination of technologies that allow each stroke to capture most hairs for the best results in less time. It features Intelligent Sonic Technology that automatically increases power on denser hair and difficult to reach areas, ActiveLift trimmer that lifts and cuts the flat lying areas the neck and chin area very easily, and 2X OptiFoil that delivers the perfect finish each time and provides a closer shave that you would not get when you are using other shavers. During shaving, the shaver does not make a lot of noise. It runs quietly, something that makes it a perfect shaver to use in the house without disturbing everyone else. It feels very comfortable to hold. You can grip it easily even if your hands are wet. It comes with a clean & charge station that hygienically cleans it, charges it and lubricates the blades and shaver. Overall, the shaver is well built and will give you value for the money you will spend on it.

2. Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Men’s Electric Razor

panasonic-es-lv81-k-mens-electric-razorThis is a foil shaver that has five blades that provide an extremely close shave. If you have a thick and heavy beard, it will be the best choice of electric shaver for you. It uses ultra-sharp, 30 degrees angled hypoallergenic blades that ensure exceptional closeness and comfort during shaving. It is equipped with a very powerful hyper performance linear motor that delivers up to 14,000 cuts per minute for fast and efficient shaving. Another notable feature is the multi-flex pivoting head that allows the shaver to glide effortlessly on your face, neck, jaw or chin for a smooth and even shave. It also features a pop up trimmer that you can use to detail your mustache and sideburns very easily. Keeping it clean and charged will not be a problem because it comes with an automatic cleaning and charging system. Other useful features that the shaver comes with include a travel pouch, a switch-lock button and 10-stage LCD display.

3. Philips Norelco 1250X/40 SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor

philips-norelco-sensotouch-3d-electric-razorYou definitely should consider buying this electric shaver if you want to get the ultimate shaving experience. It features GyroFlex 3D system with three dynamic parts that move independently and follow the natural contours on your face. Pressure and irritation is minimized when you are using this shaver. It also features UltraTrack shaving heads that have 50 percent more shaving surface to catch every type of hair in few strokes. You can use it to comfortably shave flattened hairs, long hairs and short stubble. With the patented lift and cut dual blade system that the shaver features, your hairs will be lifted to allow it to cut comfortably below skin level. The shaver has an easy to hold handle that makes it absolutely easy to use. The handle features ergonomic grip for optimum control. Trimming sideburns and the mustache will be very easy with the convenient pop out trimmer that the shaver features. When you buy it, you will also get a charging stand, protective cap, luxury pouch for ease of carrying, a cleaning brush and power cord.

4. Wahl Professional 8061-100 5-star Series Rechargeable Shaver

wahl-professional-8061-rechargeable-shaverThis shaver is affordable, easy to use, bump-free and very powerful. It uses Dynaflex Cutting System that helps it to reach and stick to the harder areas such as the jawline and neck. It gives the shaver flexibility that prevents burns and cuts when you are shaving with it. The shaver also features hypoallergenic foils that provide a smooth and close shave. You do not necessarily need to connect it to a wall outlet to be able to use it. It supports both cord and cordless operation. Its design is very good. Even though it is all plastic, it feels premium in hand. The best thing about it is that it is hypoallergenic. This makes it the best choice of shaver for people that have sensitive skin. It also features a pop up trimmer that will prove helpful when you want to trim your mustache and sideburns. It has a long battery life, something that makes it great for those people who travel a lot.

5. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

remington-f5-5800-foil-shaverOne of the things that you will like about this electric shaver is the fact that is supports both cordless and corded use. It also features a five-minute quick charge function that provides power for a single shave. The shaver is made with Remington’s pivot and flex technology that allows the shaver head to adjust and be in close contact with the jawline, chin and neck during shaving. It will adjust perfectly to the curved surfaces of your face for uniform removal of hair. It comes equipped with stainless steel surgical grade blades that deliver an incredibly close and clean shave. Cleaning the shaver after use is very easy. You just need to rinse it under tap water. Another notable feature is the pop-up detail trimmer that enables you to manage sideburns, thick growth and facial hair very easily.

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