5 Best Magnetic Screen Door Reviews Of 2017

If you are planning to buy new doors for your home, you should also consider magnetic screen doors. They will offer you all the benefits of framed screen doors but without the encumbering problems. They are going to offer protection from unwanted bugs and insects and ensure proper ventilation. You will not go through the hassle of opening and closing them because they are hands-free accessible. You will simply walk through and the door will automatically close behind you. You will not need to touch or push the doors in order to close them. Barbecuing will be absolutely easy with these magnetic screen doors. You can come in and go outside your house as many times as possible even with both hands full of food and drinks. You just need to make sure that the ones you are buying are built from premium quality materials that make them strong and durable. When you start looking for them on the market, you will come across different types and models. Choosing the best ones can be quite a daunting task. The following are the 5 best magnetic screen door reviews of 2017 to help you choose easily.

1. iGotTech Best Magnetic Screen Door with Full Frame Velcro


iGotTech Full Frame Velcro – The Best Magnetic Screen Door

If you have tried other flimsy screen doors in the past, you are going to notice the difference right away when you buy this iGotTech Magnetic Screen Door. It is a premium quality product that features a great design that can fit your door and house environment very easily. It features toughest heavy mesh construction that is going to keep mosquitoes and bugs out while at the same time allowing fresh air to effectively get into your house. Installing it will not be a problem at all because it features a lightweight design. If you face any trouble installing it, there is a manual that you can refer to make sure that it is installed properly the first time. The door opens up very quickly and closes automatically with the help of the full Velcro frame and strong magnets. Space is left when the door is closed to maximize bug-free bliss. Moreover, children and pets can walk through the door without any problem. It is features top quality mesh that is very soft and durable.

2. MegaMesh Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Door


MegaMesh Hands-Free Magnetic Screen Door

This magnetic screen door is designed to last, so when you buy it you can be absolutely sure that you are putting your money to good use. It features strong magnets to provide seamless automatic closure, micro mesh that keeps even the smallest bugs out and reinforced edges for strength. The door is highly portable and very easy to install. Besides being great for residential homes, it can also be perfect for vacation homes. When the season ends, you can uninstall it and store it. The fact that it has very powerful magnets makes it very easy to open and close. It automatically opens and closes instantly for both humans and pets. Apart from helping keep bugs out of your house, it will also help you block some sunlight from getting into your house. Your furniture and other things inside your house are not going to fade or get damaged due to exposure to ultra-violet rays from the sun.

3. EazyMesh Polyester Mesh Magnetic Screen Door


EazyMesh Polyester Mesh Magnetic Screen Door

With this door, you will not need to worry about pesky insects getting into your house. It is specifically manufactured to provide a full barrier against annoying insects and bugs while at the same time allowing fresh air to flow into your house. The door is also designed to allow easy passage of children, adults and pets. It features tough but flexible polyester mesh that forms a tight screen to keep insects away. It is sewed instead of being heat-sealed to make it long lasing. It is also washable, so maintaining it should not be a problem at all. Another notable feature about this door has is the long Velcro. It is sewn right into the mesh to attach to the frame and create a snug fit. There is no way bugs will be able to penetrate through it. The double-sided tape that is commonly used in these kinds of doors is not used because it does not stick for very long. EazyMesh magnetic screen door also features strong magnets that allow the mesh to close almost instantaneously.

4. Bug Off Instant Screen Door With Magnetic Closure


Bug Off Instant Screen Door With Magnetic Closure

This door can be better described as a screen curtain because it looks much like a two-piece shower curtain with a tension rod. Some of the things that make it an excellent choice when an insect barrier is needed around your house include the magnetic closure, hands-free pass through and ease of installation. Apart from making sure that stubborn bugs are kept at bay, the door is also going to help bring fresh air in your house. It has advanced features that are going to give you the best experience when using it, among them being vinyl reinforced magnets that help to keep the screen shut. When installing the door, you do not need to worry about it damaging your door frame because that is not going to happen. It fits perfectly well. You are definitely going to love it if you give it a try.

5. Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door


Easy Screen Doors Magnetic Screen Door

This door is exactly what you need if you are looking for the right way to enjoy a cool breeze in your house without any bugs or insects getting in. It is very easy to install. You can easily do the installation on your own because it does not require any sophisticated tools. With proper use and maintenance, it will last for many years because of its superior quality and design. Children, adults and pets are not going to have any trouble moving in and out of the house when this door is installed. They can move freely without any hindrance. In the middle of the door, there are strong sewed in magnets that allow the screen to close firmly without leaving any gaps. The door is quite well-fitting and can be installed within seconds.

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