5 Best Mosquito Killers of 2017 Reviews

Mosquitoes are very irritating insects that can deny you the pleasure of sleeping peacefully. They can also cause you and other people in your house to catch malaria. To be able to get rid of the mosquitoes, you will need to look for the best mosquito killers. Sometimes repellants may not be great for eliminating the mosquitoes because they are likely to repel them for only a few hours. It will be a wise move to invest in a mosquito killing machine especially if the mosquitoes have already established a breeding ground in your lawn. But choosing the best mosquito killers can be a challenging task since there are several brands claiming to be the best on the market. Do not be quick to choose the first product your set your eyes on. You should instead invest enough time in searching for a mosquito killing machine that will not let you down. To make your search easier, here are 5 best mosquito killers in 2017 reviews.

1. Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer – Best Mosquito Killers

flowtron-electronic-insect-killer-best-mosquito-killersThis mosquito killer will be worth every penny that you will spend on it. It uses ultra-violet light to get rid of mosquitoes and many other insects such as flies over a one acre area. It is safer and cleaner compared to its chemical counterparts. It features patented non-clogging killing grid that eliminates grid clogging that may cause flare-ups of insect remains or short circuit the unit. You can use the unit both indoors and outdoors without worrying that it may get damaged. This is because it features high impact construction. For increased security, the unit has a protective enclosure to make sure that pets, wildlife, birds and children do not come into contact with the charged grid. In a single day, this insect killer will have zapped a lot of insects compared to using chemicals. It does not make a lot of noise and it is very energy efficient. Just make sure that you clean the screen when the insects get zapped for it to continue working effectively.flowtron-best-mosquito-killers

2. Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

aspectek-electronic-indoor-insect-killerWith this insect killer, mosquitoes and other insects in your home will be killed instantly. It is a product of Aspectek which is an established brand with extensive knowledge in the pest control field. It features a protective cage to make sure that there is no accidental contact with pets or human beings when the unit is in use. Other features include a wire chain that you can use to hang it or set it on a flat surface, a removable washable tray that will be used to collect dead mosquitoes, and a powerful electronic grid. The unit is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. You can put in your kitchen, living room, basement, enclosed café, store, office, bedroom and so on. The indoor device will lure flies, mosquitoes and other insects that may be disturbing you in your home to the grid where they will be zapped immediately. You will not need to carry out any extensive maintenance on the unit. All you will need to do is empty the tray when it is full and then wash it.

3. PestiTech PTH-5 Bendable Electric Fly Swatter

pestitech-pth-5-bendable-electric-fly-swatterOne of the things that you will love about this fly swatter is its bendable design. It features a revolutionary bendable neck that allows you to eliminate insects and bugs even in the hard to zap areas and flat surfaces. You will never miss a shot when using it. It comes with built-in rechargeable batteries that discharge a super high voltage of up to 3000V. You will not waste money on AA batteries anymore. Safety of your children and pets should not be something to be very concerned about when using this fly swatter because it is totally safe and non-toxic. It features three layers of grids that protect pets and humans against accidental low power shock. Another notable feature that it comes with is the detachable LED torch that will prove useful for emergency use. The unit is very simple to use and clean. There will be no more smear on your windows, walls and furniture when use it to eliminate insects.

4. Dynazap Extendable Insect Zapper

dynazap-extendable-insect-zapperThis insect zapper is a must-have in your home if you want to eliminate those annoying mosquitoes and flies very easily. It can be extended up to three feet in length. This means that it can occupy a much wide area and help you kill a lot of insects in your home. The zapper features an articulating head that can be bended in multiple directions to allow you to get rid of insects even in the hard to reach areas such as ceilings and walls. It folds compactly to allow you to use and store it with ease. Its compact design also makes it ideal for outdoor use. If you are going camping, you can carry it and use it to eliminate annoying insects at the camping area. It is also ideal for use indoors. If you have children and pets in your house, you do not need to worry about it causing any harm to them because it features a safety switch that electrifies the zapping grid alone when turned on. It is a very reliable unit that will give you good value for your money.

5. Hoont Powerful Electronic Indoor Bug Zapper

hoont-powerful-electronic-indoor-bug-zapperYou will never worry about mosquitoes anymore when you buy this bug zapper. It features two high intensity ten watt UV bulbs that will attract all types of insects to it. Once the insects are attracted to the unit, they make contact with very powerful high voltage metal grid that is electrically charged. The insects die instantly when they come in contact with the metal grid. The zapper is absolutely safe and clean. It features a detachable chain that you can use to mount it on the wall in order to keep pets and children out of reach. When the tray at the bottom of the unit is full of dead insects, you simply need to remove it, clean it and put it back it. The unit is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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