5 Best Oven Mitts Of 2017 Reviews

Investing in the best oven mitts is something that you should do if you cook a lot in your kitchen. The oven mitts will help protect your hands from hot ovens and other objects such as cookware, stoves and so on. New oven gloves are usually treated with silicone that makes them resistant to stains and water. Others are made of stronger materials that make them very long lasting. You are supposed to use them when they are dry only for short periods at a time. If you want them to last, make sure that they do not come into contact with gas flames, heating elements and similar objects at high temperature. If you choose ones that are made from fabric, they may not be able to protect your hands against hot liquids.

Since there are so many types of oven mitts on the market, buying the right ones for your needs can be a daunting task. The following are 5 best oven mitts of 2017 reviews to help you choose with ease.

1. HOMWE Silicone Best Oven Mitts

HOMWE Silicone Best Oven MittsWith these oven mitts, you will get extra protection from scalds and burns when you are cooking in your kitchen. They will give you a very easy time during all of your cooking activities. They are 14.7 inches long and boast a soft quilted liner that ensures that your hands are comfortable and warm while draining boiled pasta or cooking on a stove top. Another thing that you will love about these mitts is that they are heat resistant to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Your tender forearms will be spared from burns that are very common during outdoor grilling experiences. They are made from commercial grade silicone that makes them ideal for grilling, baking and all your cooking needs. They are also waterproof and non-toxic. They feature a rugged texture on the exterior that gives them good gripping power to allow you to grasp any pot or pan without spills or slips. For the money, they are nice oven mitts that you will not regret buying at all.

2. The Kitchen Haven Best Flex Silicone Oven Mitts

Kitchen Haven Best Flex Silicone Oven MittsIf you always burn your hands when grilling or cooking, things will change once you start using these oven mitts. They feature a silicone outer shell that makes them resistant to heat. They are heat resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. They also feature long cuffs and swollen inner liners that make sure that your hands and forearms have extra protection from hot objects when you are cooking in your kitchen. Their long length makes them very convenient when it comes to basting on the barbecue. Whether you are male or female, they will fit comfortably on your hands. The bright red color that they come in makes them very easy to find in your kitchen. To make storage easy, a hanging loop is provided. Together with your kitchen apron, they will make sure that your hands are protected from steam burns and heat. Your clothes will also be well protected from stains. They are not only great for home use, but also for professional use in commercial kitchens.

3. Life Quintessentials Grey Silicone Oven Mitts

Life Quintessentials Grey Silicone Oven MittsThe Life Quintessentials oven mitts are soft and easily moveable. You will not have any trouble at all using them in your kitchen. They are made of a silicone outer that is 100 percent FDA approved. The have lifted patterns that allow for a nice grip. They will not only provide superior protection, but also comfort. You will not worry about wetting your hands because they are completely waterproof. If hot water burns and steam burns are a common thing when you are cooking in your home or commercial kitchen, they will be no more when you buy these oven mitts. Keeping them clean will not be a problem at all. You simply need to wash them with soapy water and then dry them in the sun. After using these oven mitts, you can just put them way or hang them using the conveniently attached loop. They are very flexible compared to standard oven mitts. They are solidly made and very easy to put on. If you take good care of them, they will last for many years. They will be a great gift to give to a friend if you already have them.

4. Elbee Extra Long Silicone Oven Mitts With Trivet

Elbee Extra Long Silicone Oven Mitts With TrivetThese oven mitts have been designed to withstand heat as well as pressure cooking in your kitchen. They are heat resistant and steam resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You will also love the fact that they are insulated and waterproof. They will be very effective when it comes to preventing burns from spattering oil, boiling water, hot pot tops, hot utensils and more. The surface of the gloves features a textured silicone pattern to allow you to grasp objects easily and firmly without the risk of dropping them. The interior of the gloves features soft quilted cotton and polyester lining that provides sweat protection, heat protection and comfort. The interior and exterior materials work together to give you incredible flexibility and make sure that you do not suffer from serious burns. These are the types of gloves that you will find professional chefs using. So when you buy them, you can be sure that you are investing your money wisely.

5. Haicheng Professional Oven Mitts

Haicheng Professional Oven MittsYou are going to love these oven mitts because they are long enough to protect your hands and wrists. They feature a non-skid and non-slip silicone on the exterior that make sure that your hands are protected from heat. On the inside of the oven mitts, there is fabric that keeps your hands comfortable when you are cooking. The oven mitts also feature raised grooves that make them very ideal for gripping. They are heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent you from coming into contact with flames or hot objects. Whether you are grilling, baking or doing any other form of cooking, they will be ideal. They feature a handy cloth loop to hang them when you are done using them.

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