5 Best Selfie Light Reviews In 2017

A Best Selfie Light ring is an amazing tool that can be clipped with hand held camera or phones. It can be used to enhance beauty and makes your picture look more captivating and eye catching. It is becoming quite popular device these days as most people want to shoot their selfie during night or low light conditions. Selfie light is a useful device and can be carried anywhere anytime without worrying about its device size as it is portable. Below is the list of Best Selfie Light available for purchase online on Amazon.

1. Auxiwa Clip on Best Selfie Light Ring

Auxiwa Clip on Best Selfie LightAre you looking for a flawless selfie? Auxiwa Clip is a perfect choice for you when you are looking to improve your selfie quality. This amazing device will let you get the pictures of quality like a professional studio photographer. Photos are all about having the light and flash in smartphone is not enough to get you the required amazing picture. It also makes your life lot easier when you don’t have to replace the battery. It is designed to provide high quality images. Now you don’t have to scratch the device in order charge it as the latest Auxiwa clip is best fitted for low light conditions as it can be carried out along with you anywhere you want. It is a great device when you are looking to make videos in the night and want to take selfie even under low light conditions. Auxiwa clip also comes with a Gaurantee and you can rely on the quality of device as in case of any problem in the device then you can get a new replacement or refund of your spending on this device.

2. Raphycool Selfie Ring Light

Raphycool Selfie Ring LightIt is a perfect device which gives you a perfect selfie even during the time when there is a light is not available. This selfie ring light consists of 36 white LED bulbs and it is designed to provide additional side light when you are looking to get a selfie under low light conditions. With the help of this light, you can get high quality images and videos. You don’t have to plug this device as you can easily clamp it on your smartphone and then press the power button and get the required lighting. It also has three different levels of brightness and required for shooting high quality images. It is also compatible with most of the popular smartphone devices such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy series, LG Phones, Motorola, Sony, HTC, Huawei and many more. It has a small diameter of 8.5 cm and can be easily carried in your bag or pocket when you want to enjoy anywhere. All it needs is 2 AAA sized batteries and can also act as a pocket emergency light. It also helps in enhancing the video or picture light and gives you the required images in much enhanced manner. Another important aspect about this device is that it comes with a water resistant pouch so you can even charge your Android and iPhone device.

3. Qiaya Ring Light Selfie light

Qiaya Ring Light Selfie lightWhen you are looking to get a great picture then Qiaya is a perfect selfie light for you. It helps you record moments of light. When you are looking to have date with some and check yourself then you can use this device. With more than 36 bright LED with white light and four may type of lights available. It helps in better illumination of light in different brightness levels. It is a great device that can be used to take pictures during dim light or want to record amazing new pictures that is suitable for your device.

4. Myriann 36 Led Selfie Ring

Myriann 36 Led Selfie RingAnother good rated selfie light device is from Myriann. This device consists of 36 LED connectors and has three main brightness levels settings namely take selfie anywhere, night clubs, and parties. The everlasting 36 bulbs can be used to get high quality selfie image under low light conditions. It is basically compatible with all the required phone devices including iphone and Android devices. You can get a great value pictures and also comes available in high compatibility mode along with ultra-wide lighting range which helps cater demand for wide range angles as well. Myriann 36 is a light ring fills light for iPhone, Samsung and other Android devices. Inside the package box, you can get the default AA sized batteries and provides a great battery backup as well. So if you are using this device for the first time then all you need to do is press the power button and it will start taking amazing selfies. You can even set the brightness settings in this device. It gives you the chance to shoot great selfies anywhere you want.

5. Neewer 48 Marco LED Ring Light

Neewer 48 Marco LED Ring LightNeewer 48 Marco LED right light is specifically designed in ring shape which gives better clarity and close up selfies. Its LED ring structure can be moved and rotated in order to get a better lighting effect. One of the key aspects of Neewer 48 LED right light is that it is powered with 48 LED lights and used to provide better power lighting. The device also consists of a double duty powered battery that makes use of two AA batteries and also has a DC powered adapter for different electrical situations. It is a perfect choice for continuous lighting and can be used to handle exposure as well.


Getting high quality images through selfie camera is always a challenging but what if you have a selfie light in your hand? Selfie light is a great device that can be used to enhance the quality of selfie images. It is suitable for dim condition both indoor and outdoor, provides high quality images and highlights your features during rainy or sunny day. It helps in shooting delicate pictures and can be placed on top on your phone device.

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