5 Best Soil Moisture Meter Reviews of 2017

If you are a farmer or homeowner who possesses a garden, a soil moisture meter is a very important device to have. It will help you know the various ranges of water content in the soil on your farm or garden. By doing so, you will be able to know the right amount of water that is needed on your farm in order to boost the growth of the plants you have. If you are a commercial farmer who grows different kinds of crops on large scale, you cannot afford to bear huge losses. Without doing a soil test, you stand the risk of encountering a huge loss on your farm. This is because you will be growing crops based on trial and error. You need to monitor dampness on your farm or garden throughout the life of the plants that you are growing and make sure that there is enough supply of water during the dry season. On the market, you will find different types of soil moisture meters to choose from. The following are 5 best soil moisture meter reviews of 2017 to help you chose the right one for your needs easily.

1. Etekcity best Soil Moisture Meter

Etekcity best Soil Moisture MeterWith this device, measuring soil moisture content on your farm or garden will be a super easy task. You simply need to plug the probe in the area that you want to read the soil moisture and then view the results on the display. You can use it to quickly tell whether your plants are doing well or if the soil on your farm is dry and needs water for your plants to continue thriving. The risk of overwatering or under-watering your plants will be greatly reduced when you have this device. The meter features an 8 inch metal that will penetrate to the root level of your plants. It does not need batteries or electricity to function. The results for the measurements are provided in three zones, namely the red zone, green zone and blue zone. Red zone means that the soil on your farm is dry to slightly humid, green zone means that the soil is slightly humid to humid, and the blue zone means that the soil is very humid.

2. Dr. Meter Moisture Sensor Meter

Dr. Meter Moisture Sensor MeterThis is a nice soil meter for gardening, farming and indoor and outdoor use. Checking the moisture levels of you plants will not be a difficult task at all when you have it. When you have doubts whether to water your plants or not, it will help you take the guess work out of it. When it is inserted in the soil, a moisture reading needle will be indicated. The needle will start falling immediately but slowly. After about five seconds, it will stabilize. This meter will prove helpful in any soil situation. Your moisture levels will be accurately displayed to enable you to keep them constant and ensure healthy growth of your plants. Instead of hiring an expert to come and check your soil, you will save time and money by doing the soil check on your own. Another thing that you will love about it is that is very easy to read. It is also very portable. You can easily take it anywhere with you.

3. Mudder Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

Mudder Soil Moisture Sensor MeterIf you are a farmer or gardener, you need to seriously consider buying this soil moisture sensor. It is a handy and helpful device when it comes to watering plants. It is not only perfect for use outdoors, but also indoors. If you have houseplants, you can use it to check the moisture content in the soil and make sure that it is at a good level. It has three ranges, namely dry, moist and wet. Before using it, you need to first of all check if it is accurate and in good working condition by sticking it into a container that has water. You will find it very useful especially if you have house succulents that are very sensitive to the moisture content that they can work with. It does not require batteries to work. To use it, you simply need to insert the probe into the root area of the plant that is the soil where you want to check the moisture content and then take note of the reading on the display. It is an affordable but effective moisture meter that will help you a great deal.

4. Kany 3-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter

Kany 3-in-1 Soil Moisture MeterYou can use this soil moisture meter to not only measure soil moisture, but also PH and light levels and make the plants on your farm grow strong and healthy. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants, grass lawns and gardens. It will be easy to know when to water your plants. If you run into a problem with your plants and cannot seem to determine what it really is, you will not need to second guess when you have this device. You will simply need to put it in the soil and then leave it for a period of about two hours and then check your results. It is very easy to operate. You will not need to purchase batteries or charge it to be able to use it. You will be happy you bought it.

5. MoonCity 2-in-1 Soil Moisture Sensor Meter

MoonCity 2-in-1 Soil Moisture Sensor MeterThere so much that you can do with this device besides measuring soil moisture on your farm or garden. It doubles up as a PH acidity tester and plant tester. Using it is as simple as plugging it in the soil and reading it. You will not need to read comprehensive tutorials or manuals to be able to know how it works. It does not need batteries to work. Its screen is very easy to read and understand. Even a child can be able to use it easily without any difficulties. If you are one of those gardeners or farmers who have problems when it comes to watering plants, it will come in handy. It will help you know the right amount of water to use on your plants and avoid putting them at the risk withering.

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